Thursday January 30th

The Australia day weekend just gone was such a blessing, precious family time and wondering along Perth's north beach (with camera and a coffee!) was my idea of FUN...

Taking time out to enjoy what's important puts into perspective how crazy it is spending your time doing anything less than soaking in, embracing, yielding to, being grateful for this MARVELLOUS life. 

At the core of the soul is the need to be free in its joy. 

So far this year I have begun to drive (thats right peoples! At 37!), begun a yoga journey and said goodbye to a job I've had for eight years that wasn't allowing my soul to be free. Sometimes a microscopical move in the direction of our dreams can start a momentum that cannot be stopped and create a joy that seems to take care of all the details we worried about when we were to afraid to change:)

Is everyone well and letting the joy run free?

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  1. Hey there, my friend! What a joy to see these beautiful sunny photos, while here we are up to up to our ankles in crusty icy snow! Your photography is really super! Sounds like you are on a lovely path in life.