Monday November 11th

We are without wireless at home so just from my iPhone I decided to re-post one of my old poems:)


one by one 
the lights line up
to try and shine as bright as my heart.
a shaving of cloud floats down, 
floats next to me to compare,
i am lighter.
in the evening the last birdsong fades,
tucked away into the night chill.
the days jewels clunk 
into my bedside drawer, 
i smile on them 
to keep them there 'til morning.
empty head on pillow
but no darkness to summon dreams
while my hearts shine cannot 
be softened or executed.
but when his time is up 
and he no longer walks the streets 
or speaks his mind, 
when he no longer
turns guitar strings into stories,
then the lights can compete
and the nights will return.
heavy the missing 
and eternal the space 
between a bird 
and its nest.

By Nadya

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  1. Beautiful xxx
    Fingers and toes crossed you will be connected up as soon as...
    Twinkles *** maria x