Sunday November 24th

Been having a great time creating for this special time of the year...

I have added chains instead of ribbon to these,
vintage beads punched into them with old nails:)

Gift tags with brown string and sparkle:)

Card with vintage image:)

Card and stencil and peaceful thoughts filling
in the grey lead, knowing it can all go so much quicker
printing or stamping but still loving the time and
meditation that is spent on hand made:)

Reindeers plenty:)

Brown paper cheer, this paper smelled so
rich, what a joy quality is:)

What is everyone enjoying putting their hands and hearts into for December joy?


  1. My hands are crafting too & my heart is looking forward to family time…
    Beautiful as always Sister Blister

  2. The chains on the ornaments are awesome! Everything looks so beautiful, it looks like you have been having a great time! My boys have been home and I have made nothing, but you have inspired me. You always do!