Thursday September 26th

The rain is still hanging on here as Spring tries to burst out and I am back wondering around in the lovely meadows of blog land after being 'silly busy' with... expansion. 

Not talking about blowing up balloons or eating too much but rather taking new directions in thought, freshening the mind and enjoying the baby steps that are following into new adventures!:)

The fundraiser held at Wolves At The Door studio was a great success....

Everyone was super positive, supportive and we raised over $500 for the TAS group, as well as mustered up a heap of much needed blankets and towels - Not bad for a small art party!

Somethings haven't changed, wings are still subjects.....

and the glass on my copier has just about had enough scratches...

Hope everyone is brilliant, treating life well and enjoying the universe:)


  1. Glad to see you are as lovely as ever xxx Well done with the fund raising
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  2. Long time, no read, girl. Glad to hear you are alive and well, as we here trudge towards winter and you there dance towards summer!

  3. I am so glad the event went well. And I am so happy to see more of your wonderful pictures! Have a beautiful week!