Wednesday June 12th

Somehow the middle of the year and sweet 37 has arrived. 
I have been very busy... 
busy deciding what I should get busy with. 
I have been housesitting at my darling sisters house, catching the breeze and watering the seeds of neglected creativity. 
37 years on this glorious planet... I am humbled.

Around the house Wolves style...


Seba squirrel trinket tray

In the closet...

Ricki Renee dress

And, in the mind as potential... somethings..

'Sourced' isolators.
Any creative ideas for them?


  1. Hello sweet lady I haven't popped in for ages to say hello. But a big hello to you. So beautiful to see you looking at the world with as much whimsy and creativity as ever. Happy 37 years may there be many more for you to enjoy. X

  2. Lovely finds as always, D xx

  3. Well, happy birthday, my Gemini(?)friend! I hope you are doing well. Love, love, love that candelabra photo.

  4. Good to have you back stranger! Am I to assume that your recent farm stay in the hills helped to spark your creative energy? Keep it coming! xx

  5. I love seeing the world through your eyes.It is interesting and beautiful!

  6. Ah that little squirrel tray! Ultra sweet! ~e xo

  7. Ah oh, totally missed this one, where have I been? Do hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Birthday, sounds like you did. x