Monday May 6th

I have had the GREAT fortune of experiencing a refreshing work change these past few months:)!    

Country Living is a gorgeous gift store in Perth owned by a genuinely beautiful soul called Ana who has filled her colourful space with unique treasures, local products and the most divine organic vegetables from her very own garden.  
I thought this post could be about giving her a plug and showing off some of her delights....

Flower necklace
Bird cups

Scented sachet, brooch and scarf
Silver tray, hair flower and scarf
Silver tray and Angie Mac earrings
Heart necklace and shawl
Keys and shawl
Part of a key hook board

I enjoy my two days a week working here so much and can tell from chatting to the locals and all Anas' loyal customers that this is more than just a business. Everyone pulls the same screwed up face of disappointment when they read her flyer about the business relocating, but I am looking forward to her business expanding (plans for devonshire tearooms and more veggies!) I shall be posting more on this lovely lady who attracts abundance and smiles everywhere she goes:)


  1. It sounds wonderful. What a Devinshire tea can't cure?
    And beautiful photos, as per usual.x

  2. What a great place. I could drink from the lovely bird cup every day and be very happy. Thank you for sharing the shop and your awesome (as always!) pictures.

  3. Yes, that bird cup is darling! How nice to be able to work there!

  4. What a fab place to work how super wished it wasn't so far away xxxx