Saturday March 29th

Now, powering up the hills of Kalamunda is always going to give you a great workout but if you also want to keep the heart rate going on the way back down then be like me and decide you simply must have the beaten up old mirror dumped on the side of the road and that also the pile of sticks next to it are perfect for scanning!!  My arms were about ready to snap off when I got home but this egg shaped mirror is my easter delight courtesy of my morning walk! Have a safe, joyous and sweet Easter everyone!


  1. Ha ... its a killer isn't it, you get slowly exhausted, and something that seemed feasible at the time becomes twice your weight after 15 min.. but it is oh so worth it, well donexx
    It was fab seeing your lovely comment by the way xxx
    Hugs Lynn
    I bought a cupboard a few years ago and had to strap it to the handle bars on my bike and balance it on my lap....if I tried to turn a corner a nearly came of ha ha took me ages to get home...........

  2. I love finding treasure- especially when it is free! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Gorgeous mirror! I love finding treasure. I found a gorgeous leather sofa in a nearby secondhand shop. Rich buttery soft chocolate brown leather. They sold it to me for a few quid cos they said it was scratched. Even threw in delivery. Its my favourite piece of furniture. Xxxx

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  5. What a fun story--lucky you to find such a treasure!

  6. Niles... you obviously failed to observe the post-it-note I had carefully attached clearly stating ownership under the obligatory "finders keepers" rule... thief. F.