Wednesday November 14th

Summer is here and the time is right....

For receiving flowers (blush)

For finding something nice to
say on a napkin

For finding treasures on the 
side of the road with verge collection

For wearing vintage Katies.
Available under  'On your body' at
  my Big Cartel store

For messing shine on old cutlery

For making stuff

For stealing my mums swallow
cookie cutter, wedging it in a
chair and putting wattle on it :)

For admiring city art

For noticing all the small things

And for being eternally grateful :)

Oh, and a big shout out to newborn Mr Wasp
who patiently let me take as many photos as I
wanted of him! After all summer is for pouring 
glitter on unsuspecting insects...

Hope everyone has a reason to make a creative mess or has a willing camera subject!!


  1. I always know that whenever I need a spot of creative inspiration, this is the spot. :)
    Happy Summer!!!
    ~ Zuzu

  2. Such wonderful ideas and photos - just love it. Brave of you to snap that wasp, and he is most handsome indeed. people usually scream and run away from them but I like to watch them. Is that his nest under him or a beehive? It's like Alice with you having summer and us preparing for snow in a month. x

  3. What amazing pictures!!! You have some serious camera talent!

  4. That's a brave thing to do, putting glitter on that creture! Oh and who are the flowers from, hmmm? So jealous of your warm days there...