Tuesday October 23rd

Just the other day October walked in and made
itself comfortable, I hadn't even finished making 
the tea and it was heading out the door again!?
Let me just give in and roll out the red and green
carpet for December! I have been having too
much fun with Lumie.....

Wall in Fremantle

Aaliyah and Jade admiring all the sugar

All edible at 'Theobroma'

Eucalyptus cosmos

Mr Crow 

Light at Theobroma in Fremantle

Dresses at the Corner Store

And exploring the city....

I happened upon a bunch of stars!

A quiet bunch :)

And the neighbourhood.....

Dead trees rock

And the garden...

Two snails

A trumpet of petals

I hope everyone is finding some time to sneak
in some creative joy :)


  1. Oh, you make even mundane things look, well, not mundane at all! Hope your springtime is going well.

  2. OK, sorry to repeat myself, but I'm in awe. You just keep finding more & more amazing ways to play with your photos. These are GORGEOUS!!!

  3. I too am in awe! I love the photos. They have a magical ethereal look to them. Minerva x