Tuesday October 9th

Where have I been? For the past couple of weeks 
I have been happily (using that word VERY 
loosely) learning all about...... plumbing. 
I wish I was referring to skipping along a 
European countryside, basket in hand and picking
plums. No, I am talking about burst water main,
damaged gas main.... and that's all I wish to say :)
Luckily I could get back into my creative space today and make a great colourful mess.......

Top of vintage Jack Eaton handbag

Bird whistles in cake stand

Um, not sure what this is

Look Zuzu! The rabbits I found!

A lovely mess

New business cards

A beautiful, expensive hole in a gas pipe

Wasp and wildflower abundance


By no means beyond my unknown limits 
peoples but still a great big sigh and delight 
at putting things together and seeing them 
through a Camwow lens. Oh, the above quote 
is the brilliance from The Killers new album :)
Please go easy on me for not visiting all your
stunning spaces regularly, I hope to go on 
those little journeys again soon :)


  1. A beautiful, colourful mess! Glad things have settled down. Hopefully plumbing is back to normal and maybe you will be able to skip down the lane soon!

  2. Happy to have you back, Nadia! At least your new found knowledge may stand you in good stead for any future plumbing-related emergencies! :-)

    Your images are so creative and artful as ever, you constantly inspire me!

    Jem xXx

  3. The water main things must've been a mess...glad it is behind you now. Love the muted colors in your pictures.

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful and dreamy. They make me feel that I have been in a wonderful place and I want to stay there for a while. I hope all your troubles are over.