Thursday September 13th

I have found some more tea cups and chair fabric for Wolves At The Door.....

I'm not one for patience so forget staple guns or sewing machines, let's just cut the fabric and tie it onto my old gallery seats....

Spring is in full swing and I was really glad to fit in a visit to Kings Park in the city so see the beautiful array of West Australian wildflowers with my mum and sister....

Such a stunning time of the year leaves me wanting to create AND relax (challenge)!
If anyone has mastered doing everything and nothing at the same time please drop a few hints :)


  1. Lovely finds, enjoy the joys of spring, we are heading nicely into autumn.
    D xx

  2. Can't say I've mastered that--yet! I'm fascinated by what you did with the chairs--looks lovely! Is it getting warm there yet?

  3. Hmmm... Niles I was under the impression those tea-cups were my Christmas present. Not fair. Not fair. Lovely images as always. ... Oh I get it! This post is just a ruse to hide the fact that those tea cups REALLY ARE my Christmas presents. Well ok then. I'll play along. Xx

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your chairs look lovely. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful spring pics. Love those teacups & your chair looks great. I spent 4 beautiful hours pottering solo in my garden today.....changing things around, laying straw & nurturing my little veggies...That's the only way I know to be creative, busy, yet relaxed at the same time!!! Xxx