Tuesday September 4th

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions" - Albert Einstein.

How about...

Cafe walls that give your eyes something to do while your mouth is swishing coffee....
{Mrs.S cafe in Maylands}

Birds on ceilings and impressive lighting....
{Swallow bar in Maylands (left) and clothes store in Maylands}

Signs of spring in shop windows.....
{The Fox Hunt  store in Northbridge}

A masked mannequin wearing a rib cage necklace and stunning whimsical art.....
{Brave New World in Northbridge, artwork by James Jean}

More talking walls and cafes that bring you fresh, mint infused water as you soon as you step in....
{Jus burgers (left) and Love Thy Neighbour cafe in Northbridge}

A dress embellished with Vinyl flowers and 
carved out arrow ring.....
{Shop window and tu store (right) in Northbridge}

Dozens of bright paper aeroplanes and a glass hand clutching a leather pouch.....
{Pigeonhole and shopfront in the city}

Friendly and open shop owners who welcome cameras!!!

The Fox Hunt store

*All photos taken by me in the city on this wintery day in spring!!


  1. What gorgeousness , how much fun it must of been.

  2. You see lovely art in the most subtle things! Bet you are ready for spring!

  3. Kaaaah...ooool! Or as Max would say: Mmmmm... Indooobidibbly... :-) Xx

  4. Thanks for positive comments everyone!