Tuesday August 21st

Back in my 6yr old days (still my favourite year of  living) I used to dream of living in the houses in all my story books. They were all beautifully drawn and looked magical and surreal.

I now have an iPhone and all the AMAZING technology that comes with it so I turned my Mom's house into a story book house with the sketch setting on the camera....

What does everyone think about the implications for art when you can create a sketch with the push of a button? 
I aim to look at the glass half full (or even better see the glass overflowing with tea melting the block of dark chocolate next to it). What wonderful talent we have in this world. Wether is someone who knows how to turn actual paint into a masterpiece or someone who knows how to make a camera lens filter like paint or a pencil, or pastel....

My mum definitely has interior decorating talent!

I do believe, and love, the notion that computers will never be able to replicate the exact adventures of the neural impulses in our minds, only we can think the way we do. So maybe the magic isn't how we create the art, it's what we do with it. The magic is in the intention/idea of the art. Thoughts? 


  1. Your mom is not only a splendid decorator she also raised a daughter to be proud of. She raised a daughter with magic in her soul. Well done.

  2. You pose the juicy questions to ponder.
    Art is so many things but two things I think that art is most is emotional and subjective, it comes from the soul. Just as one can never understand another's emotions fully. Another can not fully understand another's artistic soul and know the exactness of it all. Every stroke upon a canvas, every click of a camera button every movement upon and towards an artistic piece I believe is a channeling of the soul and emotion.
    How do I feel about technology playing a part in that, well I think I've answered it. If you're answering your artistic calling through whatever medium it is, who am I to judge your artistic soul.

  3. I used to do exactly the same - become completely involved in the world of a book and sometimes want to fall into it and take up residence in the world it created :-) Still do occasionally! :-)

    I think people should use whatever medium so strikes their fancy to create, whether that it a pencil or paintbrush, a piano, a bundle of fabric or a computer - any act of creativity is a positive one

    Jem xXx

  4. First impression - your Mom's house is gorgeous! And I love the look of these photos. Art comes in many forms, and in this instance your Mom styled the rooms, you captured the art in how you framed the shots, and the sketch technology put a fun spin on it. Very cool! :)

  5. When I was a child, I made a house book, complete with drawings and narrative (short narrative). Maybe I should've been an architect! I love the way that looks and it gives me ideas. I agree with you that whoever came up with te idea is pretty talented. As long as people don't claim to have actually done the drawings and have an art show, why not have fun with it?

  6. Wait, wait, wait . . . why should these not appear in an art show. The setting are real, the creativity is real. What is art?

  7. wow...I have no artistic ability or electronic savvy....looks like you do!