Friday August 31st

I am one lucky girl.... I have been given and lent cameras so that I don't miss a moment of inspiration anywhere....

My gallery floor

Local wall

Greenhouse restaurant wall in Perth

City greenery

Tea with my Sister

Dilettante store window in Perth

Dilettante store window in Perth

Currently in Perth there is a 'Windows of the City' competition in Perth where store fronts become particularly creative.... I'll be roaming around.....


  1. Windows of the City sounds amazing, would love to see some of the storefronts you come across on here! :-) And how lucky are you to have a sister who dress like you do - I'm imagining much clothes swapping/borrowing going on! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Agreed the windows of the city sounds wonderful, what a great excuse to roam.

  3. Love roaming around your city through your eyes, lovely captures x

  4. Me too, re the roaming.
    I love 'faze me', much more interesting than the usual suspect (which also begins with f)

  5. Oh, do post those storefronts when it comes around. I especially love the picture with the boots at tea!