Thursday July 26th

I do fancy this little glass bowl as a sugar cube

If you fancy it too you can find it in the 'kitchen'
section of Wolves At The Door store 
at Big Cartel.

I have been a little absent of late since I 
discovered 'iMovie' on my Apple Mac,
oh dear, I can put music to my images!!!
Note to self - stop going to bed at 2am 
every night whilst trying to match the 
perfect image to cool lyrics!

Does anyone else have a project they
can't put down at the moment? 
Is it keeping you happily busy or 
just tired and obsessed!!!
I think I am happily inspired AND
very tired!!


  1. This is rather nice and with the cube like design around the rim, how well it goes with the idea of being a sugar cube bowl! I'm with you, happily inspired and tired. (But happy!) x

  2. Niiiiiiileeees... One needs ones beauty sleep... tut tut. keen to see your creations though. :-) xx

  3. Yes, I have too many projects to get done and none are getting my full attention. Oh well, that's the way it is!

  4. I am constantly distracted. I'm obsessed with making my house and workspace look perfect. I've spent the last few days re arranging furniture and throwing out piles of to do lists.
    Tired and obsessive describes me to a tea!