Wednesday July 11th

So I have been house sitting for my sister up 
in Perth's hills and finding creative 
inspiration via on-foot adventures.....

Yesterday I came across Diana's garden.....
The first thing that caught my eye was her 
liking for chairs...... 

Chairs not only to sit on and enjoy your garden
but chairs as works of art with plants....

Don't you think we live in a wonderful world when you can knock on someones door and say...
'I love your garden, can I take some photos of it?'

And that someone says, 'Sure!'
Diana was so friendly and obviously into 
her gardening that she let me wonder
 around with my camera......

She has an abundance of succulents.... 
and great ideas on where to house them....

I think everyone loves it in Diana's garden.....

My favourite is the tree top inn.... a mini tree
house tucked away amongst some branches...

Let's say yes to old chairs as frameworks 
for plants, yes to hanging mirrors in trees, 
yes to candelabras in garden beds, yes to 
teapots and urns and whatever else we can 
find to make our greenery more expressive!!! 
The best part is, pretty much everything 
in Diana's garden was sourced from the 
side of the road so she hasn't spent a cent 
on creating the perfect place 
to explore and enjoy.

When I said 'Yay for outdoor paintings!' she said
'Yeah! and who cares if they get wet!'

Thank you for allowing me to capture your little haven of beauty Diana! 

What do we think peoples? 
Is it out into the garden tomorrow??


  1. Fantastic garden, what a find. I love the way that life gives us these little gifts out of the blue. Much inspiration here and your photos and text are wonderful. Thank you for sharing .... I'm off to source something battered to put my big aloe vera in.

  2. This people thinks I love these beautiful photographs of a most inspiring garden! :)

    I've been including more "garden art" to my garden. A watering can, empty pots, garden tools left in the plants... and I'm on the look out for more goodies.

    Thanks to both you and your sister for sharing all these great ideas!

  3. What a stunning outdoor space, especially the chairs! Dxxx

  4. Awww what a wonderland. I can only imagine this is where fairies would live.

  5. How gracious of Diana to let you roam about and bring back her bounty to us. Definitely inspiring a trip to a flea market and the nursery.

  6. Hi Nadya, How gorgeous. I love visiting other people's gardens & i can see Diana's is full of love. Such beautiful inspiration. xxx

  7. What a wonderful and beautiful garden! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  8. Amazing garden I would love all of this in my own. You're so brave too! I took a few pics of gardens on our recent holiday and I'm sure there were people in their front rooms wondering who the random girl was snapping away :)

  9. What a delicious garden! Just what I want mine to be like one day! *s*

  10. Thanks to everyone who liked my garden