Tuesday June 19th

Hello peoples! Slightly busy preparing some
more cool stock for Wolves at Big Cartel.....
In the meantime here is an older post, one of my
favourite poems I have written......

willow tree 

willow tree take my hand for i am done.
bury me in the sand for i am done.
roots grab my hair, pull me in 'til i am one
with the dreaming of the dirt
and the echo of the world fading...
i am done.
let everyone remember and forget me
with laughter and tears.
nothing else.
i am done.
nothing but my fingers relaxing, uncurling,
new tunnels for earthworms.

picture and words by nadya


  1. Wow Nadya! This is wonderful. I love the line- "let everyone remember and forget me
    with laughter and tears." So beautiful! I'm glad you re-posted it. Thank you for your kind comments on my post. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you, Nadya, for your warm welcome. Like Lisa, I loved that line and reread it several times. I'm also glad you re-posted your poem else I would have not had the pleasure of the read. Stay busy, be your creative self, enjoy your talent.

  3. Such insight, beautiful. Look forward to your new additions. Dxx

  4. Hi Nadya, just catching up after a couple of weeks away....i really love your poem, such beautiful words....& the pics in your last couple of posts are stunning as always. You really have a unique way of capturing things...Hope everything is beautiful in your little world. x Julie