Tuesday May 22nd

Sir specklelot was hanging out on the back porch...

He didn't say much when I asked him what kind of moth he was, actually he completely ignored me. 
I thought this was a bit rude because in order to find out I would have to look through about 160 000 different names in Wikipedia. Then I realised he was just trying to enjoy the afternoon sun and had probably been bothered so many times with oohs and aahs about his inspiring coat so I just snuck in two snaps and let him be:)


  1. Moths are one of the only things that really freak me out, but this is beautiful. I may have to rethink my phobia.

  2. wow - what amazing pics...i had no idea what it was until u mentioned he was a moth. such bizarre close ups. well done. :) (now i really love dragonflys....so i am setting u a mission to get a major close up of one for me & am renaming u miss nadya nature girl!!)xxx

  3. Goodness, I still can't quite figure it out! I will have to keep looking at it every so often to see the moth!

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo. I just found out about humming bird moths, as I finally realized we had one come to our front porch area for years and it would come in the evening 'humming' with its wings. I never knew what it was until I stumbled upon the name online a few weeks ago. What a marvelous moth yours is! To see some marvelous 'handmade' moths and creatures visit http://mrfinch.blogspot.com/ He is in England or you can click on the link on my right side bar, from my own blog where the photo of a fox he created from fabric is his link photo.
    Teresa in California