Wednesday May 2nd

Well peoples it is time to say goodbye to my 
wonderful Canon Ixus digital camera, it passed
away last Wednesday. I guess I experimented
a little too much over the years with it and now 
it is tired.... it just refuses to turn on. 
So here is a medley of some unpublished and
favorite moments.

Thank you dear Canon for capturing....

All the small things - this was my first shot in macro setting

The simplicity 

The action - U2 concert

The rain

My whims

Art - sculpture in the city

The floating!

Mr Snake 

Scrap wire in the sun

The light shining through

Edward Kowalczyk talking to my sister!!

More of my whims - mirror on ground

And all the love - vow renewal service

And all the greedy ants!!!

Now off to manifest another life capturing,
moment seizing, mood freezing device!!!
(need a new camera)!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful little tribute to your well loved camera :-) Let's hope your next takes images just as lovely and lasts a long time! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I had a camera "die" on my once too, though it's death was of a different sort. It kept switching to sports mode every time you took a photograph. Very annoying, indeed!

    I enjoyed viewing your tribute. Such lovely photographs. Hopefully, you'll find a replacement soon.

  3. Wow, I too use a Canon digital. but my shots aren't nearly as nice as yours. Hope you find a new one soon. Can't be without a camera!

  4. You captured some amazing, gorgeous shots with it. Have fun shopping for a new camera!