Thursday April 12th

I have been a little addicted lately to the 'solarize' feature for pictures on my Ericsson phone.....

Shelf in Wolves gallery

Verge collection time

Sculpture in the city
City building

Petrol station

Fire truck rearview mirror

Hanging basket in courtyard

Bathroom window

I love that everything really light in the original becomes dark and everything dark becomes
light and makes the ordinary a little EXTRA
ordinary! I'm also thinking that all of these 
would look great in white frames... thoughts?


  1. Makes an ordinary nice photo really pop! I say go for the white frames (distressed ones, maybe?)

  2. Lovely as always to catch up with your blog. Hope that you are keeping well, thanks for the well wishes, my knee scan is booked in for tomorrow, so we'll know more soon! Keep inspiring xxx

  3. how bizarre - that petrol station one is amazing & yes, white frames would look great. :)xxx

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  5. Petrol Station is my favourite - hands down. Very cool Niles. Xx

  6. The hanging basket looks utterly stunning when you use this feature - very cool! Quite eerie too in some ways!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend hun!

    Jem xXx