Monday April 9th

Have I had a good Easter?....

Kitchen shelf

My brother camps in style!
This is the view from my Mum's front door!

Easter essentials - family and food.

Beautiful Marcelle and Jade.

Jade - stealer of hearts.

Freshly picked figs and white guava.

Jade hanging ten!

Kitchen wall.

Aaliyah - the bunny who lost her
two front teeth!

Me and the bunny.

Yeah baby - Lindt dark bunny!

Sure have! And I hope everyone else did too!!!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good Easter Nadya! Such lovely warm photos, love them! xo

  2. What fun this is to see! Looks like you had a super time!

  3. looks like u had a gorgeous easter with your beautiful family...(love the pic of u & the bunny - she looks very much like u.) xxx

  4. I just discovered your blog :) It looks like you had a really good Easter. Nice photos!!