Last day of March

I have been busy....

Sewing better buttons onto a rescued top so I can sell it soon
for the RSPCA at Wolves at Big Cartel... 
It's a really gorgeous, beautiful quality, non-creasing fabric...

Still experimenting creating jewelry......
this is a copy of a stamp put onto an acrylic piece...

And noticing simple shots around the house...
(inspired by at home with red!)..... 

Bedside lamp

Bathroom sea horse 

Bathroom glass ball

Bathroom cupboard 

I have also been extremely busy trying to not be so damm busy!!!
Hope everyone is putting a lot of effort into letting go and 
seeing where the stream takes you......!


  1. These are gorgeous shots - the quality of the light and shadows is brilliant and I'm rather keen on that lovely shirt too! I'd noticed you'd been a little quieter than normal, hope all is well in your world m'dear!

    Jem xXx

  2. Really, really like that jewelry!! Keep going with that!

  3. Luuurve the shot of the bedside lamp Niles! The John Denver shirt is quite fetching too! Need to book in a "FrasNiles" day please!!! :-)

  4. gorgeous pics....perhaps there is something in the days have been filled with way too much of late & not enough time to create & capture all the ideas floating in my head...perhaps soon. :) xxx

  5. Beautiful shirt and jewelry. I change buttons on things to make them even more wonderful too.

  6. Love that pendant, you clever thing!
    Drawing on a maps is a great suggestion, thanks!
    I have looked for old maps to draw on before but most have heavy crease marks from being folded. I'm sure I'll find the right one one day though :) ~e

  7. Ooh, I love the necklace you made. It's a pretty pendant, and the stamp looks so unique.