Saturday February 18th

Hello beautiful people!! I wanted to let everyone know that
my pillowcases are now for sale at Wolves At The Door 
care of Big Cartel. Along with this fantastic light fitting 
which I thought I would take one photo of.....
I may have gotten carried away.....
but that's easy to do when fairy lights are involved...........

I love the idea of fairy lights in interesting containers.
I have a whole set like the hanging star lights inside this
white and yellow light fitting.... instant glow and mood.

I may be a little addicted to old light fittings
and new different ways of using them -
if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

The bold and beautiful Jem over at her Beautiful Clutter
blog (check it out in my sidebar) has inspired me to sell
some of my collected glassware. She has shared great
advice (thanks Jem) on fragile posting and I think I'm
to stop being a scaredy cat and just do it!

Coming soon to Wolves at Big Cartel!

Coaster love.

Coming soon to Wolves at Big Cartel!

Wishing all a SPLENDID Saturday....


  1. Oh how I love your interpretations. You have such a unique and wonderful eye.

  2. I love your styling and finds, esp. the glasses, D xx

  3. gorgeous pics - hope your big cartel shop is doing well. xxx