Monday February 13th

Well, I got my little self together and all ready today to 
add my lovely pillowcases to my Big Cartel store. 
All was going swimmingly until my delightful computer 
(or some other unseen force out there) wouldn't let me 
upload my pictures! I am going to ......... just breathe.
I have asked for help and the Big Cartel team are so clever....
I am sure soon I will have this challenge kicked.
Here are some gallery snaps and other bits and pieces!!!

Vintage plastic birdie
Clothes for sale for the RSPCA

Bits and pieces

Part of my 'Hotel Lobby' photograph

More bits and pieces

Free pillow case soon at Big Cartel

My addiction to lyrics


Part of a nature hanging
by my sister


  1. Oh good luck getting your photos uploaded and good for you to remind yourself to....breathe!

  2. We have days where the internet does not work at all up here. Hopefully, all will be restored soon for you.
    Lovely photos BTW.

  3. What a great collection of images! You have quite an eye!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my drawings :) yes, I work from photographs although I wish I were able to draw from life more. I hope to start making it happen this year.

    Keep up your beautiful work! ~E xo

  4. Eurgh computer glitches are soooo frustrating! Its amazing how quickly we get used to things getting faster and faster and better and better, that when they do go pear shaped we get super pissed off - well at least i do! Breathing is good! *s*

  5. You definitely rank as one of my favourite creative minds in blogland. I love the way you see things. Your talent for composition is enviable. Love the stars in your glassware xx