Tuesday January 9th

There is a brook (love that word) just down the road from 
my house. I was meant to visit in winter when it is full 
of life but never mind, summer hasn't completely dried it 
up and I enjoyed exploring this morning.....

All the colors and sounds were refreshing.... I would have
liked to have taken a few more photos but I started chasing
a hawk back home to try and get a good photo.... 
I didn't catch up to him.


  1. Looking good Nadya! Especially love the last photo! Happy New Year! xo

  2. Thanks so very much for your good wishes. The brook still seems full of life, thanks to your beautiful photos! And, yes, that is a great word.

  3. Lovely, LOVELY photos! Here, the little ponds and creeks are iced over for now.
    Happy new week to you & yours,
    ~ Zuzu

  4. gorgeous pics nadya - i feel like i am exploring there with u & with the heat here today, i just want to dip my toes in!! (i finally got around to passing on the lovely blog award - such a great way to find new treasured blogs & friends - thanks once again)xxx

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for a fabulous 2012!!!

  6. When I was growing up my family lived opposite a big wood with a brook. In the school holidays my sister and I would get up, pull on t-shirts and shorts and disappear into the woods to play for hours. We jumped the brook at all it's widest points, walked the length of the brook in our wellies, and fell in a lot. I remember finding a little velvety mole at the bottom of a tree in the woods there when I was about 8. It had died but was so soft to touch. It was really beautiful, and I remember feeling sad for him that he wasn't under ground. I never had any fear about being alone in the woods with my sister and we played there for hours each day over a period of about 7 years before we moved house. One summer we found a cow struggling to give birth so ran home and got my parents to call phone the farmer. He came out and we watched him help the cow give birth. I was so completely happy playing by that brook so I loved seeing your photos today. I could even smell the smells of the water and the leaves as they used to smell when I was little! Wishing you and your family a magical 2012 Nadya. Em xxx

  7. Hw beautiful. We have a little brook that runs through our garden & I love to sit and watch the happenings there. I especially love the last image. x

  8. Love these photos, reminds me of spending time at The Farm which is our family property (well what is left of it). Very peaceful.