Wednesday December 21st

Yay for the dinner I had with two wonderful friends last night 
and all the blessings friends bring.......

Like handmade aprons in sublime fabric....

Made for me by the fantabulous
Sally who doesn't know just
 how bright her light shines.

And glittering pots of poinsettias.....

Given to me by the wonderful Tobi.

And a RIDICULOUSLY HEAVENLY homemade nougat.......

Seriously Sally, you are amazing!

Thank you for December, Thank you for great friends and
thank you for the old, little plastic pool balls that were lying
on the bottom shelf in the op-shop calling me......

I need them for, um, something.

Merry Christmas to all!!


  1. Wow! love everything... there is nothing in the world as good as a true friend and two of them is fabulous xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  2. Gorgeous gifts! You may have some lucky numbers on those fab old pool balls! Happy Christmas to you and yours Nadya! xo

  3. Always a blessing to have true friends--couldn't live without 'em.

  4. What sweetness.
    Those pool balls would also make great and quirky baubles if there was a way to make them hang appropriately.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Hun.

  5. such beautiful & thoughtful gifts ...xxx

  6. Great gifts! Have a great Christmas!

  7. Thanks for your lovely message on our blog! We hope you too have wonderful holidays and all the best for 2012. With love ~b & e

    Ps. Those balls are awesome! Its great that you know what your needs are and that you don't hesitate to fulfill them ;-)