Thursday December 1st

Merry merry December everyone!! These photos were a 
little rushed today however I didn't want the beginning of
this beautiful month to pass without the sprinkle of some 
sparkle and a thank you. Thank you for another December 
in a world full of wonder, awe, delight and everything

(Even scientists say everything is just light - not created
or destroyed, just eternally bright)
                                                  - Edward Kowalczyk       

These are all from thrifted gift tags.

My mother has a large collection of reindeers and
this is my favourite one, he is guarding the
key to Christmas!

I like baubles with nothing in them.

Here comes Santa.

Best wishes to everyone!!!


  1. Oh, I love those tags! Very atmospheric! Thanks for all your kind comments on my posts!

  2. Merry merry December to you too Nadya! What a magical effect the sparkly sprinkles have had on your gift tags! Wonderful photos as always! I particularly love the reindeer guarding the key to Christmas! xo

  3. such gorgeous christmas cheer....ruby & i have had a tough week, both with the dreaded flu (but it does mean extra cuddles!!)...finally tonight we r both starting to come good & i am looking forward to a weekend of chrissy pressie shopping & ruby is very excited about putting up the christmas tree with nanny (my mumma) when she comes to visit on sunday. hope u have a beautiful weekend. xxx