Saturday December 17th

My 'free as a December bird' days are here! Walking home
through the city after my last full-time shift....

Time to notice the world around me.....

And get inspired......

Looking forward to more time exploring this scenographic city.
Enjoying the time to notice things like a cloud underlining the moon....

Looking forward to time for creating, breathing, enjoying 
the moon, and losing all thought to pastel on paper...

Hi Trudie! (from the lovely My Vintage Vow) You mentioned
 awhile back that you'd like to see my pastel work. 
Here's to......... living!!!! 

Hope everyone is truly living their December and noticing 
how beautiful the world is!!!!


  1. I love my job but it is so nice to finish the day. To be on that journey home..with all your free time laid out like a gift ahead of you..yes I agree it feels amazing...rather like your pastel work which also looks fabulous, I really love the images you bring into my world, thank you so much they are always special xx
    Lynn xx

  2. Wow, Holey Dooley your pastel is amazing. You are,so talented. Thank you for sharing it with me and everyone. May 2012 bless you with more creative adventures ahead. X

  3. gorgeous pics - glad u have some time to slow down now - i have been loving the moon of late, so big, mysterious & beautiful.....ruby is getting very excited about christmas now, we have been doing drives of a night to spot the chrissy lights (i of course, have left everything to the last minute once again - i am so not one of those people who r well prepared ahead of time / i am the last minute dash kind - am finishing work this tuesday & looking forward to a little time away with hubby & ruby to really slow down!!!) xxx

  4. I'm intrigued by the graffiti shot--the smoke looks three dimensional!

  5. A lovely reflection on appreciating the little moments Nadya.
    Thank you for your very kind comment at Secrets on my hope post - I replied beneath your comment there, but just wanted to stop by and wish you a peaceful Christmas and new year
    Kat x