Sunday December 11th

Happy Birthday Dad. You left us for heaven in 2002. 
All the colors in my world have been one tone duller ever since.

With my brothers in the 80's.

You are simply one of the best people I have ever known. 

At a business lunch.
You used to say 'You are the wind and I am the lion' and 
'The world is your oyster'. I miss and love you Dad.


  1. hi nadya - such a beautiful post for your dad

  2. This lovely little tribute to your Dad, made me pause and think of my own lovely Dad who died when he was far too young, like yours.

  3. A lovely tribute to your dad Nadya. I'm sure he's immensely proud of you. xo

  4. He will always be with you, even looking at your lovely pictures that you have posted I can see him in your blog picture. That doesn't help fill the space that he filled though does it. I like to look at my daughter and in her is us... our history our family tucked away into corners of her being, we all dwell she carrys us with her, as we all do quietly, silently, slipping out in a smile or the way we walk. Your dad will be with you always xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx