Thursday December 29th

So 2011 is closing...everything has slowed down in the Perth
heat today...and I'm ending the year with....

China Love...

Experimenting with pillow cases and fabric paint...

And, (don't look now Vintage Sweetheart!), wasp stings.....

I took this photo a long time ago (I think he is a wasp). 
Little did I know when I snapped him that I would one day
feel the wrath of a sting from one of his kind! Heading out to 
clear all the dead leaves on our roof this morning, I felt an 
intense stabbing on my leg, looked down and saw a colorful 
character like this warning me to stay away from their new 
and proud nest.....ah....OUCH! Well the warning was taken 
very seriously, I just think he (notice how I keep referring to
a male) didn't need to be SO rude about the whole thing.
Thank you for Aloe Vera Gel.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, colorful, rocking, pain-free
New Years celebration!


  1. he he thanks for the warning!! I like the looks of that experiment. Ouch wasps bites are nasty!

    It's quite grey out now maybe we will get that storm to break the heat.


  2. That is the most beautiful photo of a wasp I have ever seen! Who new they were blue? Hope your New years is fun and pain free too.

  3. Is that a European Wasp? One eyeballed me the other day because I was near a new nest he was building. If looks could kill! Ouch! Poor you.

  4. Ouch! Poor you. Try cutting an onion in half and placing it where that naughty wasp stung you. Best way ever to relieve pain. And I speak from experience.

  5. Thanks for your advice Kylie! And thanks for the sympathy everyone!

  6. I can't even believe that insect is real--amazing!