Thursday December 8th

I rarely take photos in color, I'm much more drawn to sepia or
black and white but I think I needed some color today.....

Kenny my beloved fish who has left us since
this photo and moved to fish heaven.

The first photo I took with my digital macro setting -
I looked at it and thought, 'Damn! That bee is looking at me!'

Lovely pinks on a cool truck.

Nature turned blue.

Side of a clutch purse.

In the car with the sunlight.

Amazing what you can see if you look.

In my sisters house.
(hello my dear sister!)


  1. gorgeous - love your dash of colour & that bracelet is just beautiful. hope u have a beautiful day. xxx

  2. Beautifully shot, still gathering ideas, just lost in the world of builders! They leave next Thurs, so bear with me x x

  3. So so beautiful. All of them.
    But i'm finding great inspiration for a dress in dear old dead Kenny.

  4. I continue to be amazed at your pictures! I need some hints!