Thursday November 3rd

Some facts about my younger brother Steve.....

1. He is quite the looker (think he knows)   

2. He is extremely talented AND  
    creative (he doesn't know how much).

3. It is his birthday today.

4. I love him to the moon and back. 

 5. He is responsible for bringing
     this little munchkin into the 

6. And this one!!

7. He is the most brilliant father
    and is loved by his munchkins
    more than it possible to love

8. He approaches life with a 
    passion and ambition that I 
    only dream of.

9. He sings while helping to make 
    the Christmas pasta (hope he's not
    going to kill me for this one!)

10. It is an honor to have him in my life.

11. This short list doesn't even touch on
       the brilliance that is Steve.

12. Whenever I hear these words from 'Need To Breathe' I think 
       of him....
Give me something brighter,
give me something I can see.
Give me something vicious,
give me something I can be.
Give me all the LOVE and peace
to end these wars.
Give me something safe,
something worth fighting for.
Give me motivation,
give me all my hearts' desires.
Show me something gorgeous,
show me 'til my eyes get tired.
Give me all the drums and show
me how to play them loud.
'These hard times' by Needtobreathe

Happy Birthday Brother.


  1. What a lovely post. Steve is lucky to have a sister that adores him so.

    Oh and yes he is a bit of a looker.

  2. gorgeous post nadya (thank u for your beautiful words on my blog). xxx

  3. Hi there nadya! Thank you for your kind compliments on my blog. Sure I will follow swap with you. I look foward to seeing some of your art. Sorry for the late reply. :) happy birthday to your brother, a fellow scorpio! Haha my b day is on the 10 . What a sweet post you've dedicated to him . Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Very cute! And what a sweet tribute. My brother's birthday is coming up, hmm...

  5. This is such a wonderful post!

    Jem xXx

  6. What a beautiful post about your brother Steve. My significant other is called Steve, and perhaps there's something about people with that name being beyond special. My significant other is funny, loving , warm, a fantastic father to his two daughters, and he's taught me so much about how to love unconditionally over the 7 years we've been together, just because that's how he's loved me. Em x