Monday November 28th

So long to November, goodbye to the rain. I am still workin
too much (until December 15th!) and haven't had all the time
I want to dedicate to my store and my blog but look out, 
I CAN'T wait for more time to let creativity run wild! 
In the meantime.....

Found the most lush floral print vintage Katies top.

Loving the books and stationery to be found in Salvation stores.
Bought this one for only $4 and it is overflowing with inspiration.

Would you like a glass of bling with that? Love experimenting with photos.

Pockets full of glitter.

Thrifted Christmas cards are just divine.....
Here comes December.......


  1. Hey Nadya,
    Love your vintage finds, I pop into the local charity shop determined to buy something, but alas I left empty handed. Dx

  2. Yes here it comes...too quickly but I love your picture Pockets full of glitter xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  3. I think experimenting with photos is one of the most happymaking things! :-) We share so much in common and I just love that silver-rimmed glass and decanter you're holding. Oh, and the shirt too of course!

    Thank you for the lovely comments on the china I found! It's made my Colclough, so not Noritake but I would love to own some Noritake at some point :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. ummm GREAT photos and shirt and book and cards and decanter. AND yes Interior magazines. They kill me. I love them but I hate them but I love them!Happy almost December. Know what you mean about the lack of time thing too, am itching to get back into it. Have a lovely week *S*

  5. Keep experimenting with those photos--they are fab!

  6. such beautiful your pockets full of glitter & that vintage book looks a real treasure. xxx

  7. I love your experimenting! beautiful images. and i see you are a lass after my own heart, a "found" treasure is the perfect treasure, i love thrift shops.

  8. I've loved catching up on your blog posts, but this one was my favourite! I love the idea of a glass of glitter to bring sparkle to a day! I really enjoy your photographs, they are so beautiful. Em x