Tuesday November 15th


Feathers caught in spider web
underneath our outdoor table.
(Image available at my Big Cartel store)

Waiting down the road
for a lift at 10pm.

Crow landed in front of me in
the city, think he was interested
in my lunch.

Walking home I noticed this
street light lit up the flight path
of all these flying insects.

Ant dragging a bee away in
our driveway.

Late on a still night
out in the garden.

Hand photocopied with a
dragonfly then photographed.

Experimenting for my
next pastel picture.


  1. Gorgeous, they left me breathless, you notice so much and the detail!
    Lynn xxx

  2. Oh you do pastels, I'm eager to see that.

  3. gorgeous pics nadya...i love how u capture all the little details. xxx

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the mysterious focus on nature. =)

  5. I like these as a cohesive set of images. The ones I like the best are the ones like the feathers and the streetlight because it's not quite clear what the subject is at first. The hands are both quite mysterious and work well
    with the more abstract shots. I think the crow, the ant and the telephone booth are the start of another series. I would keep the more abstract images separate from these