Monday November 21st

Hello all, hope everyone is angling gently up to Christmas, not roller coasting towards it with a scream and the shock that another year is about to be kissed away! Here is some green love...... some are new items which will be making an appearance in my Big Cartel store sometime in December (I'm the one screaming the loudest on the roller coaster and don't see the time to add them to my store yet!)

Brass vase soon at Big Cartel.... old tin used to house a
golden emerald mooncake - great packaging for a gift.
Don't throw glass bottle lids away if their bottles break
- they make petite little vases when turned up-side down.

Made in Korea (left) and made in Japan mugs soon
 at Big Cartel. Origami birds made by my beautiful sister.

Marble Onyx vase soon at Big Cartel.......
perfume bottle mine!

One of my favorite things in the world -
my set of iron letter punches. I haven't created too
much with these because when I think of the possibilities
my head begins to hurt.....


  1. Green is such a restful colour. I'm always so inspired by the way you group things when shooting them, Nadya. They always look so inviting and eclectic :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. I love your bautiful vignettes. Most especially the third one.

  3. Look into my eyes... you are getting very sleepy... you have a strange urge to sell (no gift) the letter punches to your sister... yes... that's right... to your sister.... ;-)

  4. Gorgeous photos, as ever! That vase is stunning!

  5. Thank you for the compliment lovely - yes, I just sorely needed a change and was no longer inspired by the layout I'd had made for me. I felt like I needed to make it myself for it to be what I wanted. I'm sure I'll carry on tweaking in a few month's time :-)

  6. gorgeous....i love your letter punches - how beautiful. xxx