Friday November 4th

Hello everyone! I've been working full time for a while to pay off some vet bills (love my babies!) so I haven't had a great deal of time for thrifting or to add to my Big Cartel store - all in good time. In the meantime here are some inspirations I found in my Mothers jewelry box and cupboard....

Michaela Frey bracelet and locket.

Diana style ring bought from Ratners, London
and garnet ring.

UNOARRE pendant (left) and Christian Dior pendant.

Maria Theresa coin.

Charlie solid perfume locket and an anonymous
pipe necklace (given to me my beautiful Mother!)

Also extremely lucky that she relented and gave me
this stunning belt she bought in the eighties.


  1. Hazaa Niles. Most spectacular bling - I say I say! Nearly as spectacular as the Liebster Blog Award I have just nominated you for! Enjoy! Your beautiful blog deserves it for sure! Big Kiss, Little Kiss.

  2. These photos are beautiful Nadya, and would be perfect for a guest post. I have a sheet of questions to act as prompts for the post which I'll email to you, but basically, it's about telling the story behind the jewellery, and why it's so important to you, and holds such emotion for you. If you wanted to include a photo of your mum you'd be very welcome to, but you don't have to. Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog, I feel the exact same waya obut yours! Hope you've
    ahd a wonderful weekend, Em xx

  3. such gorgeous treasures - what an amazing collection. xxx

  4. Beautiful images, Nadya! Those pieces are so striking, especially love the 80s belt and the pendants!

    Jem xXx

  5. love those photos, I'm putting a link to your blog on my Holt House Antiques facebook page.

  6. Awesome scores! What a nice mum you have! I love that belt.

  7. Wow, your mother has great taste! I continue to be amazed by your stunning photography.

  8. Lovely items and lovely displays x

  9. All beautiful pieces but that belt is exquisite. X