Thursday October 13th 

My Lovely Sister who has an eye for all things stylish and delightful, (check out her blog Brown Paper Packages... in my side column), found this Keri Craig silk dress and was so generous to give it to me.

Leather clutch available at my Big Cartel store. Shoes are a small size eight and will be available as a free item with purchase soon in my store.

So most of my inspiration (for pretty much anything and everything) comes from the music of Ryan Adams. 'Moves like a summer breeze' comes from the stunning song 'My Love For You Is Real'.
Below is a necklace I found in a thrift store. On the back is written :  Paper bark from W.A, E.H 1977. Amazing that a little landscape created out of the lanscape itself has lasted perfect all these years and found itself around my neck! I wonder where E.H is today.

'Smelled of her ancient perfume' lyric from 'Houses On The Hill' by Ryan Adams. Hand knitted beige jumper, for sale soon on the RSPCA page of my Big Cartel shop where all proceeds go to all creatures great and small. 'Always will' inspired by 'Fix It' by Ryan Adams.  Gold heart necklace soon to be added to the free with purchase item list.
Leather clutch available in my store. Doily can't be sold because one of the gorgeous glass beads I attached has chipped but I still love it and will use it someday this summer! 

Hope everyone is fantastic, living it up and out there. 
Yes, there's room for one more Ryan Adams lyric - 
'The world won't wait so I better shake, that thing right out there through the door...'
From 'New York, New York'

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  1. What a beautiful dress, you're very lucky to have such a generous sister.