Thursday October 27th

I've had a little blog trouble today (thought I lost my blog!) Must remember to breathe and be grateful in EVERY moment.

Here is some blue inspiration......
Vintage Katies dress, made in Australia.
(I'm in love) It might be a bit too small but...
I'm in love!

Alex Liddy tea set.

Love the idea of succulents in tea cups!

Tea cups available soon at Wolves at Big Cartel.

Elizabeth Arden soap dish at Wolves at Big Cartel soon.

Chaffinch statue available now in my Big Cartel store.

Took this on my way to work - our beautiful, growing city with it's fresh air!

Birdie salt and pepper shakers.

Hope everyone is doing great..... better than great... brilliant... better than brilliant....
yay.... didn't lose my blog!


  1. Snap I've been meaning to post my little succulent in a retro tea cup.
    I am in love with that dress, it is hot, hot, hot.

  2. Blue is my fave color, especially the hue of that dress!

  3. love your little succulents in teacups...& that alex liddy teaset is way too cute. i would love to go shopping with u - u find such interesting treasures. hope u have a beautiful weekend. xxx

  4. I often think I have lost my blog. I've got no idea what button I am pressing when this happens. Just blind panic sets in.
    Love the tea cup idea & the blue dress too.

  5. Love your ideas. The tea-cup thing I must copy ! Beautiful photo of the sky. You live in a beautiful city ( so far away even though we are in the same country...amazing how big Australia is !) xx Ava