Surprise for my Sister

Wednesday September 14th

My lovely sister Angyla (who has the most delightful blog  so check it out!) has been feeling a little under the weather lately. The kind of under the weather when you KNOW you could be resting more, you KNOW you could be paying more attention to your affirmations and you definitely KNOW you should be drinking more ginger tea with honey but it all still feels a little draining and not too cool. So this is a surprise post to cheer her up. Ang, when I saw this at the thrift store I fell in love with it and was definitely going to keep it for myself. I thought 'Hee hee, Ang would go cuckoo for this and it's MINE!!!' After seeing you today though, I took a long hard look at myself and saw little miss selfish! I know you and your man will get so much use out of this beauty on your romantic spring picnics, so from me to you.....

How divine! It keeps cold drinks really cool and boiling water really hot for ages. And it has a pump, yay! It's in really good condition!! Yay! Feeling better? You can use it for ginger tea!?

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