Thursday September 22nd

A beautiful quiet day in our neck of the woods, I am going a hundred miles an hour but I can see from my bedroom window the birds and butterflies are taking it just as it comes. Note to self - remember to breathe and notice this perfect place, this serene moment, this wonderful world.

Some marvels I have encountered for the Wolves gallery and for Wolves at Big Cartel....

Horse head book ends which seem to be handmade because they both just have an initial scribbled on the bottom. I love the idea of using book ends for purposes other than to hold up books. They could frame an artwork or become art when mounted to a wall. These ones are a gorgeous mossy green I would put them in my garden somewhere, maybe on posts to mark the entrance of a very elaborate, magical tree house.

This is a picture from an awesome cocktail book I bought, (book is called Shaken, photograph by Tim Robinson), I loved these glass cars for some reason. A few days later after admiring these I found one in the form of an old Avon cologne bottle at our local antique store. Yay. I love brown glass too.

It is still half full of cologne - a very interesting scent.

This is an egg storer I believe. What a divine way to keep eggs...
or beads, or necklaces, or earrings, or could be used as a paint palette.

Small Noritake melamine jug.

Indonesian brown glass bowl. Perfect for keeping things like broken little christmas light bulbs in when you know there's not much you can do with them but you can't throw them out because they look cool, like mini hot air balloons.

Old place cards and a much used flower press.

Some divine earrings and....

Found a perfect new cupboard to which I added these guys.

Hope everyone is taking it as it comes and enjoying life's marvels. To see some of these items soon in my store just click on my Big Cartel button at the top of my blog. They will be there next week maybe when I get a chance to put them in (practicing going with the flow).

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  1. u do find amazing treasures. - love the flower press. xxx