Love is in the spring air!

Tuesday September 13th

Hello all!

I have decided to brave my 'fume' fears (get them from my mother) and try a really good liquid gloss from Spotlight so I can make all sorts. It's hard to find a varnish good enough to finish off jewellery, coasters etc. and I've never been brave enough to try something more serious like a pour on gloss which is meant to have a glass-like finish. But when I saw these Mills and Boon novels in the thrift shop I thought they really would make cool coaster images and I should do the job properly. So this is what I'll be attempting in  the next week and hopefully they will appear in my Big Cartel shop soon looking hip!

 Elizabeth and Jeremy

Jonnet and Axel

Sappha and don't know if this
is Andrew or Dutch doctor
Rolf van Duren! (the blurb
didn't make it clear!)

Rachel and Jaime

Alexandra and Jonathon - 

And lastly a very perplexed
Fiona with Curran...
or Mitch, I'm not too sure!!

So hopefully I get the mixing of equal parts resin and hardener correct. Reading safety instructions now...mmm....may irritate skin and eyes.....wear safety glasses and protective gloves....mmm.
Where is a crafty Dutch Doctor when you need one! Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck Niles! Please do wear the necessary protective gear - I'm thinking of the Super Glue incident of '92, the Nail Polish Incident of '99 and of course who could forget the Shower Drain Incident of... well... just last month! xx

  2. Love your blog too, Thanks for your email :) Now following xx Ava