Monday July 7th

A post from the past:)


i heard whispers from deep inside the birch tree.
i saw marvels beyond what my eyes could see.

i said prayers that were answered immediately by clouds.
i gave the bluebird a song to sing, and she played it loud.

the wind blew gifts from the gods onto me -
lyrics stung my heart, ideas washed my wings.

i went to the rooftop, i went into tunnels,
pushed in my footprints and read notes left by others.

today the sun is shining inside and out, 
as i lay me down to rest.
how strange this sense of beginning in this end.
this sense of east when i'm heading west.

words and photograph by nadya

I have to remind myself through all my challenges that there are no REAL endings and if I just 
focus on the light in the darkness the light begins to grow because it thrives on my attention. 
The more I look at my positives and what I have to be grateful for, the more they shine. 
The photo is of a spectacular bug we found lying on the ground in our house shortly after my
dad passed away in 2002 so he has been in my bug collection for quite awhile!  
Hope everyone is really well. 

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