Another poem

the one

he is the rattle in this bus,                                          
the smooth over and fuss.                                         
he is the midnight and the moonlight rolled over.
he is the kitchen and the deer,
he is every idea.
all the bug eyed lights
staring at the road.
all the people and everywhere they go.
in the corridor of horror
and the meadow of delight
he is the wallpaper and fright.
the shine on the grasshoppers wings,
all things bellowing and all things strong.

he is the moment everything goes wrong
and the hand, the breath, the heart
singing and sewing it all back together.

words and photo by nadya

* I took this photo when it was raining one night just by using my Canon with the flash on and facing it to the sky. I love that each and every white speck you see is a raindrop falling from the heavens. Don't really recommend getting your camera wet though unless it is waterproof, I only held mine in the rain for a split second! To see some more of Canon adventures, please click here:
Just today I was talking to a customer in the shop I work weekends in about how exiting all these new digital cameras are. Isn't it amazing how much and how well you can capture images with a little digital camera. I love my Canon. It is around four years old and I have blown a few pixels (too much experimenting!) The Canon true capture looks really cool, (I've begun saving!). Hope everyone is going with the flow, letting it all hang out, making hay while the suns shines, etc.