The sun is out!!!


This week at Wolves At The Door it has been wonderful to enjoy some warm, dry weather and take some outdoor photos. I was lucky enough to find this bold and beautiful leather bag at the thrift store which will be making an appearance in my Big Cartel store soon. I also found a little spirograph kit and have been experimenting with calico, permanent pen and some sparkle. When I was little I loved using our spirograph. I was so fascinated that such a simple device could create such complex circular patterns that would take forever if trying to do just by hand. I am still in awe of such simple things and using this colorful little one I found at Toyworld takes me right back to being eight years old, sitting at our family table watching my pencil go round and round, forming art, thinking 'Wow! ANYTHING is possible with a good idea!' Hope everyone else is enjoying the day, week, moments.

The sun is out, the sky is blue...

the grass is green....

the bees are a buzzing...
What a beautiful day.

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  1. Hazaaa!! Niles I see you have overcome the "lack of buttonship" and all is well. Yes a truly deeevine day... yesterday and today. Yet I shall relish the cosiness of a rainy Saturday. Take care. PS - Lurve Mr Bee.