Lost in the woods


Here are some absolutely enchanting illustrations I found on some thrift store placemats. I love placemats, they are perfectly old fashioned like fancy folded napkins and are a great conversation point at the dinner table. I must make some of my own. If anyone knows of a really good acrylic sealer that is easy to use, very hardy and not too nasty to breathe please drop me line. The first three pictures are by artist Christopher Scales and the last three are by artist Randall Froude

Added quite a few new items to Wolves At The Door at Big Cartel this week including these lovely placemats so please drop in and have a browse.

I'll leave you with this interestingly shaped cloud. A little hard to see through a camera lense but behind the palm tree the edge of this large dark cloud is pointy. We couldn't make out how it had formed but it was definitely a cloud so I pulled out my camera and took the best shot I could before the traffic moved us along. A cloud with a jagged edge. Anything is possible.

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