Jug addiction and a little blue


I think it's pretty cool that glass can be fragile and would be one of the first things to break in an op-shop yet it is definitely the last thing to show its age. I see scratched records, chipped wood, stained or torn fabric, rusted metal, yellowing book pages but I never see any 'aged' as such glassware. There can be the occasional chip but in it's full form glass is just glass, and I'm a little addicted!!!!!

I just love these fish!

Delicious colors! My sister found these.

Splendid for ginger beer with ice on a summer day

Hot, hot, hot!

Just delightful!

A snippet of my jug collection which is
growing, growing growing.

These are ceramic but I had to include them. 
Found on separate visits to the op-shop 
and both in perfect condition, they look like 
they are made of icing sugar.

If all of the above wasn't so fragile I would include them in my Big Cartel store! What I have got this week for Wolves At The Door is a little bit of blue.

Single bed sheet with dreamy blue flower print

And two new Wolves photos....

Bag on bus

Girl on bus

Hope everyone is kicking it, handling all the big stuff in life and noticing all the small things, 
(smiley face).

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