Divine doggy!


Hello all, hope all is going swimmingly this week! It's been nice to have some sun and yesterday when I went for a walk up the road with my darling mother I noticed a few flowers peeping out here and there reminding me that spring is on it's way!! I know we still have a while to wait but in my mind it's already here and I'm thinking about either drawing, pressing, photographing, tracing..... some wildflowers (I'm sure I'll get around to one of the fifty ideas I have). This week I added some more categories to my Big Cartel store and I'm very exited about expanding them! I was also fortunate enough to find some real treasures to add to my store and have begun planning a section in Wolves At The Door where all proceeds are dedicated to the RSPCA! So look out for my 'For all creatures' category coming soon which will also be linked to a page in my blog titled 'The adventures of Jazz'!

Divine doggy - find him in 'Around the house'
in my shop.

Me and another VERY 
divine doggy Jazz! 
(with one of the shirts I will be 
selling for the RSPCA)

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