This week at Wolves At The Door

As usual I have a few thousand things I am working on at the same time, a few more thousand ideas in the back of my head, waiting for their manifestation and all the while attempting to keep creative faith. I know, what else are we here for if not to let it flow? So here's some of what's been flowing at Wolves lately.

Started sketching a birds claw that I found.

Began a very large collection of photocopies
of my hand (bless my dear, dear Canon printer)!

Still working on the idea of light boxes as 
night lights for childrens rooms.

Contemplating a stack of small wooden frames 
I found for a dollar each at the Salvation Army.

Doing a lot of staring at some stamps I made,
wondering what I should actually stamp them on.

Polishing up a very sexy Mr Horse for my 
Big Cartel store.

And taking some shots of my clothes which are
also for sale at my Big Cartel store.
So check it out! I am Wolves At The Door
in the boutique section! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, letting it all flow and keeping the creative (and any other) faith.

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