Glimpses and Gratitude on the bright side of the gallery

I have been so busy at my Big Cartel and Made It shops that I haven't given much thought to a Wolves At The Door blog. However, I couldn't wait anymore to post some gorgeous pictures and express my gratitude for the simply splendid wadrobe I found at the way-cool Salvation Army. I haven't REALLY dollied it up yet, just added a few touches and hung some of my Wolves singlets up. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who work in the Salvation stores and in particular the ladies at my local store who are always having a laugh and being so helpful! Ah, whoops! Nearly forgot to say thank you to my dearest, most generous Sister who actually bought me the wadrobe for my birthday! Thanks Angy!

New bling on old wood.

Save the Jay singlets with Small Faces album.

Paper rose, perfect for covering up old screw holes.

Unfinished book sculpture.

There is a lot of creative sweat yet to emerge in this beautiful space (and a lot of tidying up to do!) but still, on a sunny day, it's hard to find a better spot to be (with a cup of tea).

Fabulous flamingoes, and pillows made by talented friend Bec
Gum leaves growing out of pastel onto wood,
'Shadow' picture.
Pot of tea?

Heavenly frames waiting for heavenly pictures      
I'm SO lucky to have received a Sony record player from
my brother last birthday!! These are the cherry on the
gallery-ambience cake!       

Hope everyone is wonderful, until next time. 
*Dark side of the gallery coming soon to a post near you!

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