Cats in the Gallery


It is usually a challenge for me to get into a creative-genius thinking space when there are ANY distractions about, so imagine what I achieved when my three cats moved in yesterday for the day. With all the rain we've had I felt sorry for them stuck in their kennels (all but Vicki who has claimed the palace shed for herself) so I brought them in to stretch their legs and get out of the wet.

Satine - 'If I avoid eye contact Mum won't tell
me to get off this cupboard for the fifth time.'

Toulouse - 'I bet Mum thinks I look so cute
balancing on her books with my dirty bottom 
on her new frame.'

Vicki - 'I don't know who these other two cats think they are, invading my gallery palace, but when they walk past I'm ready
to strike'

Needless to say, I gave up!! Oh but I do love my babies!

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm..... Satan-e looks suitably Regal, perched on her throne! Nice Work, Wolf!